Marley has been a professional Muay Thai & Kickboxing fighter since he was 16 years old.

He trained at Mejiro Gym with trainer Andre Mannaart since the age of 14 and continued his training in Thailand at the Super Pro Gym in Koh Samui.

Marley has taught classes for the KO Muay Thai Gym in East London, GymBox in Stratford, has coached both boxing and Muay Thai fighters for whitecollar and semi-pro fights, and training under Philip Tieu continues to compete himself. Much like his fighting style, Marley teaches focus and discipline in his technique-based classes accessible to all levels from complete novice to pro, and those wanting to improve their levels of fitness.

Find Marley’s classes on the timetable.
Personal Training available starting at £50 per hour.
Contact Marley directly on 07906.763.998

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